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PASSION PIT – New Album Kindred

We couldn't be more excited to have Passion Pit in the room on Wednesday, May 27th! Passion Pit has been on the grind since the release of his 2012 critically acclaimed album, Gossamer, creating his most recent masterpiece of an album, Kindred, released April 21st. Kindred is a new era for Passion Pit, leaving fans everywhere in awe!


"The music on Kindred is as Passion Pit as ever—more so, if possible—but the stacked shrieking-child vocals and distancing reverb and esoteric lyrical moments are gone. The veils are peeled away. "


"Kindred is the culmination of a process that began on Fayette St. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the summer before his sophomore year when Michael ordered a midi controller—simply “to slave a synthesizer I already had”—and it came with a free CD of basic programming software. This was when he first began trying to pit—the second half of the name has always seemed both verb and noun—his confusion and pain against the magical twinkling pop in his head. To get it down on record, once and for all."


"On Kindred, the child is at the head of the table. To get him there, to do his perspective justice and to share it with the world, Michael himself had to step up and mature. As on records past, the child feels alone, though he’s surrounded by people. But you’ll notice something significant has changed. He is looking straight into the camera."


Check out the full tracklist for Kindred below and watch the official music video for "Lifted Up (1985)" here!!!


01. Lifted Up (1985)
02. Whole Life Story
03. Where the Sky Hangs
04. All I Want
05. Five Foot Ten (I)
06. Dancing on the Grave
07. Until We Can't (Let's Go)
08. Looks Like Rain
09. My Brother Taught Me How to Swim
10. Ten Feet Tall (II)