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2013 Adventure Film Festival ( October 3-5) - Boulder Theater and Select Venues 

12:00 noon - 1:30 pm

Family & Kids Show - FREE EVENT

3:00 - 5:00 pm Return to the Tepuis (10 min)

The Bus: A Journey Up North (11 min) In The HIgh Country (35 min)

Janapar (52 min)

5:30 - 7:40 pm Snows of the Nile (20 min)

High and Hallowed: Everest 1963 (50 min) High Tension (30 min)

Everest Panel (20 min)

8:00 - 10:30 pm Facing Climate Change: Plateau Tribes (5 min)

A Fine Line (52 min) Earthbook (4 min)

Maidentrip (82min)

Unite with friends, family, artists, athletes and activists to celebrate the core essence of human existence. Revel in pure happiness while traversing the snowy Alps on foot and skis. Experience the miracle of sight in war-torn South Sudan. Discover the true risk, commitment and adventure that drew the first Americans to the summit of Everest. Spend nine months on a remote and uninhabited island in Norway. Through the craftsmanship of award-winning filmmakers and passionate storytellers, explore the far-flung reaches of the Earth and access deeper levels of internal wisdom drawn from pure adventure.

Presented by Patagonia and Flatirons Subaru, this three-day festival premieres a powerful collection of 33 insightful and award-winning outdoor and environmental films that share the spirit of adventure at the Boulder Theater, Bohemian Biergarten and Neptune Mountaineering. The weekend festivities also include a Community Night kick-off party Thursday at Patagonia Boulder

A two-day Outside Adventure Film School at Impact HUB with world class filmmakers and photographers. Colorado Flood Relief fundraiser for Rocky Mountain Rescue. Family & Kid’s Film Festival, panel discussions, special appearances, capoeira performance, massive gear giveaways, after party at Shine, and much more.

2-day Workshop Pass:

Title: Film For All: The New Landscape of Visual media

Date: October 5th & 6th

Price:  Full 2 Day Workshop - $149  (includes lunch )


Join the Outside Adventure Film School during Boulderʼs Adventure Film Festival on October 5-6 to hear world-class adventurersʼ behind-the-scene stories of discovery and passion.

Filmmaking and photography used to be the exclusive domain of ‘professionals’ with piles of equipment and extensive training. But new and cheaper technologies along with constantly evolving new outlets for distribution, has lowered the barriers to entry and offers tremendous opportunities to put your work in front of your audience. Come hear from a diverse range of media producers about what this new media landscape looks like and the creative ways we’re making it all work. For more info visit  http://www.adventurefilm.org/special_events/index.aspx


Impact HUB Boulder

  • 877 Broadway, Suite 100
  • Boulder, CO 80302
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