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Nine Films in Two Days that Will Expand Your Mind

Integrating spiritual, experiential and scientific ideas makes this Colorado festival an opportunity not to miss.


Documentary Presentation 

ONE TRACK HEART (Jeremy Frindel, US & India, 74 min., in English)

Director in Attendance

Echoing the cultural ups and downs of yoga in America, Krishna Das has gradually become the most influential performer of kirtan— a Hindu-style of devotional singing—known in the Western world.


Screens with shorts, SLOMO and BOTEV IS AN IDIOT


Feature Presentation - COLORADO PREMIERE

THE FORGOTTEN KINGDOM (Andrew Mudge, US & South Africa, 96 min., in Southern Sotho)

Director in Attendance

A young man reluctantly embarks on a journey to Lesotho to bury his estranged father but finds himself drawn to the beauty of the land, a woman, and the magic of the unknown.


Screens with short, STILL